Success Blogging Tips For Beginner Bloggers

Tips For Beginner Bloggers

In this Information Age of Social Media and the explosion of the internet, a really good skill to develop and offer to a company is that of being able to do regular blogs. This is a fantastic way for the new graduate to promote him or herself in the workplace. They may have joined the company as a graduate trainee accountant, for example, but why not offer their services as the¬†primary¬†Company Blogger’s

This is an excellent way of getting their company’s name promoted and indeed gaining a following within their own industry. By regular, interesting and topical updates the new employee will be seen as an expert and authority in the subject in question. By writing, for example, regular weekly blogs the benefits are two fold firstly elevating the new employee as creative and innovative whilst, by association, enhancing the reputation of the company. They are showing their bosses that they are not just there for the specific role in question but are adding additional value within the workplace.

Google loves people to submit blogs as they are looking for fresh content as new information attracts people and advertisers to continue using its services. New content is also excellent for getting the employee’s company moving up the page rank. Ensure that the content is relevant and topical. Make sure that all grammar is correct, together with punctuation and easy to read, by laying it out in simple paragraphs. The blog should be no more than three to four hundred words as people do not have time to read pages of text. Make it short, punchy and relevant to that industry and the benefits will accrue in the future for both company and employee alike.

Blogging tools continue to get more powerful. Twitter is considered the most up to the minute posting platform. Most niche markets can be associated with news stories along with a little imagination. Blogging about the latest news and developing trends can create tremendous influence on agendas and advertising campaigns.

Blogging to make money requires effort, just like any other occupation. One of the reasons it often goes off the rails is because people stop blogging for long periods. If you have interested readers you need to keep them interested by providing new content. If you don’t they will be gone. This is a mistake that lots of bloggers make when they are still learning how to earn online.

Local Advertising Methods

Local Advertising Methods.jpgJust because your business is on the Internet doesn’t mean you should limit yourself to online advertising. Search engines and email marketing aren’t the only route to drive customer traffic to your website after all. First of all there is the ever-important business card, which should be kept close at hand at all times, and handed out to everyone you meet. Flyers and newspapers as well as other community media can also help raise awareness of your online business. By adding local advertising methods to your online efforts, you can greatly improve your chance of success.

Business Cards enhance local advertising methods

Business cards are the first must-have of every businessperson whether online or offline, big corporation or smallest home-based business. A great many companies offer inexpensive but professional looking business cards in a variety of styles appropriate for any type of occupation. If you have a good quality printer and a little know-how, you can attempt to print out your own business cards. Both methods expense about the same when you consider card stock and printer ink, so it’s really a personal preference which you choose.

If you decide to order your business cards from a professional printing company, you next need to choose whether you will go to a storefront business or order your cards online. Personally, online is probably less expensive and just as good quality but you will have to wait for the cards to be shipped to you. If you’re the impatient type a storefront might be quicker but you will still have to wait for them to print up and if there is any sort of backlog, that could take awhile too.


Flyers can be a help in advertising your business if you carefully consider where to place them. If your product is geared towards a certain age group, college student or senior citizens for example, hang your flyers at locations where individuals in that age range tend to frequent such as universities or senior centers. It is best to get a professional to make the flyers for you since most home printers don’t have the capabilities and store bought flyer sheets aren’t the greatest. Select a style that matches the style of your business, professional, elegant, fun and wacky, whatever your business mission stands for.

Press Releases

A highly effective and inexpensive advertising technique is press releases. A press release is a short statement you send out to local newspapers and magazines that speaks of your business’s mission and the service or product you offer. Press releases don’t expense anything but your time unless you hire someone to write it for you, which can be money well spent if you have little experience with press releases.