Truthfulness online

In today’s world it can be very hard to trust anyone and for those that have been bad relationships understand the importance of knowing as much about a person as possible before giving them your heart. Not only do you have to worry about someone you are dating, but what about the neighbors where your children spend every afternoon, that co-worker that keeps walking you to your car and following you to the break room, of course the new ballet teacher at your daughters school? One of the challenges that younger generations have in developing their resumes is the ease of a company’s HR staff in validating their credentials. Using […]


Tips For Beginner Bloggers

Success Blogging Tips For Beginner Bloggers

In this Information Age of Social Media and the explosion of the internet, a really good skill to develop and offer to a company is that of being able to do regular blogs. This is a fantastic way for the new graduate to promote him or herself in the workplace. They may have joined the company as a graduate trainee accountant, for example, but why not offer their services as the¬†primary¬†Company Blogger’s This is an excellent way of getting their company’s name promoted and indeed gaining a following within their own industry. By regular, interesting and topical updates the new employee will be seen as an expert and authority in […]

Local Advertising Methods

Just because your business is on the Internet doesn’t mean you should limit yourself to online advertising. Search engines and email marketing aren’t the only route to drive customer traffic to your website after all. First of all there is the ever-important business card, which should be kept close at hand at all times, and handed out to everyone you meet. Flyers and newspapers as well as other community media can also help raise awareness of your online business. By adding local advertising methods to your online efforts, you can greatly improve your chance of success. Business Cards enhance local advertising methods Business cards are the first must-have of every […]